Clint Francis Barton

In long-running shows, characters go through this trend where their traits warp beyond recognition. Once favourite characters become intolerable towards a show's last legs. Often, the supporting characters elevate to fan-favourites. Lucky for us, he didn't go through such a trend.



"The ocean is as clear as glass to me. It's a simple, straightforward, nine-word sentence. Years ago he used to say it aloud—matter-of-fact. But all it ever did was invite a derisive sort of interrogation he no longer has the energy to entertain."

A story about a man trying to spend his lunch break in peace and the chatterbox kitchen crew who has other ideas in mind.

It’s A Love Story

This is it. My calling. My purpose. Years of consuming embarrassingly excessive amounts of Asian media converge on this. All I have seen is for the pleasure of feeling twitterpated at the looks Wenwu and Ying Li shared. For understanding that that is the peak of Asian romance, that love can happen in one glance.

It’s Not Sad

Living the life I have, I may have become more cynical than I thought. Maybe I'm not as much of a hopeless romantic as I was before. Maybe there's something I missed. Perhaps this is love in the 2020s and I missed the memo. My heart's likely turned to stone. But how can I look at this kind of love, the kind that hurts people, and think of it as romantic? Why would I support a couple that threw everything away for the sake of lust?

Give Me the G

25 years after its debut, Resident Evil remains to be a powerhouse in the gaming world, warts and all. Like the bioweapons it churns out, the lore of the universe had become a Frankenstein's monster hodgepodge of nonsensical parts. But a source material's wonkiness is not an excuse for terrible storytelling.