Review: It’s Not Sad

Living the life I have, I may have become more cynical than I thought. Maybe I'm not as much of a hopeless romantic as I was before. Maybe there's something I missed. Perhaps this is love in the 2020s and I missed the memo. My heart's likely turned to stone. But how can I look at this kind of love, the kind that hurts people, and think of it as romantic? Why would I support a couple that threw everything away for the sake of lust?

Review: Give Me the G

25 years after its debut, Resident Evil remains to be a powerhouse in the gaming world, warts and all. Like the bioweapons it churns out, the lore of the universe had become a Frankenstein's monster hodgepodge of nonsensical parts. But a source material's wonkiness is not an excuse for terrible storytelling.